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Graduation Checklist

K U Department of Economics Undergraduate Checklist

**This checklist should be completed at least one semester prior to the anticipated graduation term** 

_____1.  Degree Program 
Make sure your ARTS form accurately reflects all majors and concentrations, (if applicable). If it does not, fill out a Declaration of Major form in 431 Snow. 

_____2.  Complete an official graduation check (by appointment). 
If your graduation date changes from the original application for degree (AFD) filed online, you must fill out a new online AFD form, as they do not carry over to the next semester. 

Graduation Month AFD Deadline 
May (Spring)                                    April 15 
To guarantee inclusion in the official University’s Commencement program deadline is March 1st.
August (Summer)                              July 15 
December (Fall)                                December 1
_____3.  Complete a Graduate Reporting Form through the Department of Economics. 
The Department of Economics uses students’ data in aggregate form to report to such entities as the Kansas Board of Regents and the Chancellor’s office, as well as prospective students and their parents. Specific information on individual students is never reported to any external sources. 

_____4.  Contact Information 
Make sure that you have updated your address, phone number, and registered E-mail with KU. Updates may be made online through the Enroll & Pay system (https://sa.ku.edu) or at the University Registrar’s office in 150 Strong Hall. 

Contacts for Graduation/Post-Graduation Questions: 

Recognition Ceremony Coordinator (general info, registration, etc.)
Kate Pleskac
415 F Snow Hall

Department 's Undergraduate Academic Advisor 
(processes grad checks, etc.)
Gino Andreano
431 Snow Hall
Walk-in hours: Wed 1-4 or call to schedule an appointment

Department's Graduate Academic Advisor (MA and PhD help)
Kate Pleskac
415F Snow Hall

College Student Academic Services Office (AFD’s, advising, MCS, etc.)
109 Strong Hall

University Registrar’s Assistant
150 Strong Hall
University Registrar's Office

University Career Center