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Spring 2019 Guest Speakers

All Seminars held in 452 Snow at 3:30 pm unless noted otherwise.
* indicates "Oswald Distinguished Speaker"

Date Speaker Seminar Title Faculty Host
Jan 16 Misaki Matsumura
What price index should central banks target? An open economy analysis [pdf]  
Jan 18 Gabriela Cugat
(Northwestern University)
Emerging markets, household homogeneity, and exchange rate policy [pdf]  
Jan 22 Christopher D. Cotton
The inflation target and the equilibrium real rate [pdf]  
Jan 24 Rupal Kamdar
The inattentive consumer: Sentiment and expectations [pdf]  
Jan 28 Eungsik Kim
(Carnegie Mellon)
Preference heterogeneity, aggregate risk and the welfare effects of social security  
Jan 30 Shujaat Khan (Johns Hopkins University) Macroprudential policies in a heterogeneous agent model of housing default [pdf]  
Feb 8* Xue (Yuki) Wang*
(Jinan University in China)
Network and spillovers of sector index returns in China’s Stock Market [pdf] Barnett
Feb 20 Diane Alexander
(Chicago Fed)
Diesel emissions, pollution, and health outcomes Slusky
March 1* Salam Fayyad*
 A conversation with former Palestinian prime minister Salam Fayyad [pdf] Barnett
March 22* Pablo Kurlat*
Deposit spreads and the welfare cost of inflation [pdf] Barnett
March 25

Catherine de Fontenay

Team Size, Noisy Signals, and the Evolution of Academic Science [pdf]
Time and room: 1pm @ 454 Snow Hall


April 5 Lianfen Qian
(Florida Atlantic University)

Asymptotic properties of the QMLE in a log-linear RealGARCH model with Gaussian errors [link]

April 15
(3pm start)

Paula Stephan
(Georgia State University)

The meaning and incidence of risk in research [pdf]
May 1
Emily Gallagher

Medicaid & household savings behavior: New evidence from tax refunds [pdf]
May 7, Tues
4-5:30pm start
José Azar (Navarra) Labor market concentration Slusky
May 8 Zoë Cullen

The salary taboo: Privacy norms and the diffusion of information [pdf]

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