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Fall 2018 Guest Speakers
All Wednesday Seminars are held at 3:30 pm in 452 Snow and Friday Seminars are held at 3:30 pm in 120 Snow unless noted otherwise.

* indicates "Oswald Distinguished Speaker"

Date Speaker Seminar Title Faculty Host
Aug 29
Daniel Tannenbaum (Nebraska) Does eviction cause poverty? Quasi-experimental evidence from Cook County, IL Slusky
Aug 31 No Seminar Labor Day Weekend  
Sept 5 Jacquelyn Pless (Oxford) Are "Complementary Policies" Substitutes? Evidence from R&D Subsidies in the UK Earnhart
Sept 21 Corina Mommaerts (Wisconsin-Madison) Migration and Consumption Insurance in Bangladesh Slusky
Sept 28 JunJie Wu (Oregon State) Mobility, Agglomeration, and the Effectiveness of Environmental Regulation Tsvetanov
Oct 5 Katie Genadek (Census Bureau) Universal Full-Day Kindergarten and Maternal Labor Supply: A Life-Cycle Analysis Ginther
Oct 12 No Seminar Fall Break  
Oct 31
Han Wang (K-State Job Market Candidate)
Polarization of American Workers: The Big Squeeze from Occupational Exposure to Value-added Imports [pdf]
Nov 2 Enrique Martínez-García (Dallas Fed) Monetary policy expectations and economic fluctuations at the zero-lower bound [pdf] Keating
Nov 7
Mian Raza (K-State Job Market Candidate) Dumping on free trade, optimal antidumping duties, and price undertakings: Welfare implications in a two-market equilibrium analysis Tsvetanov
Nov 14
Michelle Marcus (Vanderbilt)
Testing the water: Drinking water quality, public notifcation, and school outcomes
Nov 16 Ying Lin (K-State Job Market Candidate)
How much do consumers value single-cup coffee brew technology? Assessing market impacts of single-cup brew technology on the U.S. brew-at-home coffee market [pdf]
Nov 23 No Seminar Thanksgiving Break  
Nov 28
Gautam Gowrisankaran (Arizona) Reclassification risk in the small group health insurance market [pdf] Slusky
Nov 30 Nuwan Indika (K-State Job Market Candidate) Does Vertical Integration in the U.S. Carbonated Soft Drink Industry Lead to Anticompetitive Effects? Tvetanov
Dec 5 Shengnan Fang (K-State Job Market Candidate) Competitive conduct and antitrust policy actions in the U.S. dairy industry--The case of Dean Foods and Foremost Farms USA [pdf] Slusky
Dec 7 No Seminar Stop Day