Department of Economics and School of Business Faculty - 1934 - 1935

Back row - Emil Dade, Michael Givens, Henry Holtzclaw, Carl Nelson, Leonard Axe, Will F. Kissick, Richard Howey.  
Front row -Domenico Gagliardo, Lawrence Jennings, Fred Kid, F. T. Stockton, William Shannon, Jens P. Jenson, John Ise.
Photo from the Kansas Collection, University of Kansas Archives - Spencer Research Library

Economics has the distinction of being a "charter member" of the University of Kansas. In the one curriculum announced by the 1866 catalog, a general course, designated simply as "Political Economy," was required in the senior year with Francis Wayland's Elements of Political Economy as the text. But, while the course was listed, there were no seniors to take it. The early years are documented in the following article by Professor Frank T. Stockton.

The Evolution of Teaching of Economics at KU (PDF).     
by Frank T. Stockton, Chairman of the Economics Department and Dean of the School of Business - 1932