Undergraduate Program

Gradation with Honors
Graduation with honors in the Department of Economics is limited to students who have:

A. Completed all economics major requirements for the B.A., B.G.S., or B.S. degree and achieved a grade-point average of 3.5 or above in all economics courses and an overall grade point average of 3.25 or above at the time of graduation.

B. Completed Economics 497, Senior Research Honors.
1) Normally a student will enroll in Econ 497 for 2 hours credit in each semester of their senior year.

2) Prior to (or very shortly after) enrollment in Econ 497, it is important that the student arrange or negotiate an agreement with a faculty member who will direct the student's research activity and honors thesis.

3) A student is expected to complete all/or the bulk of the basic research activity and have written a preliminary draft of some portions of the thesis during the first semester enrollment in Econ 497. The second semester will be devoted to completion of the research paper.

C. Submitted and defended a research paper before at least three faculty members of the Department of Economics.

1) Three copies of the research paper, appropriately bound, must be submitted to the Department Honors Coordinator no later than April 1 (November 1) for Spring (Fall) graduation. Failure to meet the submission deadline will foreclose graduation with honors. (See note 3 below for remaining options.)

2) The faculty examining committee, on the basis of the research paper and its oral defense, will decide whether the student shall be graduated with Honors in Economics.

3) Note: A student on his or her own initiative, or on the recommendation of the faculty member directing the student's research, may elect not to defend the research paper. In this case the student will not be graduated with honors and the grade in Econ 497 will be decided by the faculty member directing the research.