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Job Candidates

Class of 2020

Sifat AdiyaCV | Personal website

Fields of Specialization:
Economics of Education, Environmental Economics, Applied Microeconometrics

Job Market Paper:
Did Income Tax Cuts Lead to more Deaths on the Highways?

References: Donna Ginther | Dietrich Earnhart | Tsvetan Tsvetanov


Ruoning Han | CV Personal website 

Fields of Specialization:
Financial Economics, Monetary Economics, Household Finance, Alternative Finance

Job Market Paper:
Bank Behavior under Deposit Competition, Internal Model-Based Capital Requirements and Supervision: Theory and Empirical Evidence

References: Mohamed El-Hodiri William Barnett | Jianbo Zhang


Gregory Leung | CV | Personal website 

Fields of Specialization:
Health Economics, Economics of Drugs and Risky Behavior, Economics of Education, Public Policy

Job Market Paper:
The Impact of Medical Marijuana Laws on College Students' Mental Health, Drugs Substitutability, and Academic Outcomes

References: Donna Ginther | David Slusky | Tami Gurley-Calvez


Ahadul Kabir Muyeed | CV | Personal Website

Fields of Specialization:
Development Economics, Microfinance, Applied Microeconomics Alternative Finance, Experimental Economics

Job Market Paper:
Competition, Mission Drift and Dynamic Incentives in Microfinance

References: Mohamed El-Hodiri Tsvetan Tsvetanov | Jianbo Zhang


Carlos ZambranaCV | Personal website

Fields of Specialization:
Labor Economics, Econometrics, Financial Economics

Job Market Paper:
Settling for a Citizen? H-1B Visas and the Marriage Choices of International Students in the United States

References: Donna Ginther | David Slusky | Dietrich Earnhart