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Job Candidates

Class of 2021

Caio Vigo Pereira | CV | Personal website

Fields of Specialization:
Financial Econometrics, Asset Pricing, Statistical and Machine Learning Methods 

Job Market Paper:
A Machine Learning Factor-Based Interpretation for the Bond Risk Premia in U.S.

References: Tarun Sabarwal | Yehuda IzhakianTsvetan Tsvetanov


Hoa Vu | CV Personal website 

Fields of Specialization:
Health Economics, Immigration, Labor Economics

Job Market Paper:
I Wish I Were Born in Another Time: Unintended Consequences of Immigration Enforcement on Birth Outcomes

References: David SluskyTarun Sabarwal | Tsvetan Tsvetanov


Kegan O'Connor | CV Personal website 

Fields of Specialization:
Labor Economics, Poverty, Family Economics

Job Market Paper:
Household Food Insecurity: Effects of State Grocery Tax Variation

References: Donna GintherDavid Slusky | Dietrich Earnhart



Recent Graduates

Davut Emrah Ayan | CV 

Fields of Specialization:
Applied Microeconomics, Labor and Demographic Economics, Public Policy

Job Market Paper:
The Labor Market Impact of A Federal Wage Subsidy Program on The U.S. Veterans

References: Donna Ginther | David Slusky | Tsvetan Tsvetanov


Carlos Zambrana | CV 

Fields of Specialization:
Labor Economics, Econometrics, Financial Economics

Job Market Paper:
Settling for a Citizen? H-1B Visas and the Marriage Choices of International Students in the United States

References: Donna Ginther | David Slusky | Dietrich Earnhart