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Job Candidates

Class of 2019

Jéssica Dutra | CV | Personal website

Fields of Specialization:
Industrial Organization, Antitrust Economics, Applied Microeconomics, Law and Economics

Job Market Paper:
Cost efficiencies and upward pricing pressure

References: Tarun Sabarwal | David Slusky | José Azar | Brian Staihr


Qing Han | CV | Personal website 

Fields of Specialization:
Recursive Macroeconomics, Theoretical Econometrics, Nonparametric Estimation, Aggregation Theory

Job Market Paper:
Monetary Services Aggregation Theory under Choquet Expectation

References: William Barnett | John Keating | Zongwu Cai


Fatima Hasan | CV

Fields of Specialization:
Macroeconomics, Monetary Economics

Job Market Paper:
A nonparametric and aggregation theoretic approach for measuring productivity of U.S. banks during 2006-2016

References: Mohamed El-Hodiri | William Barnett | Sohail Zafar


Rina Na | CV

Fields of Specialization:
Labor Economics, Applied Microeconomics

Job Market Paper:
Collaboration networks among female economists: An examination of coauthorship using the CSWEP mentoring data

References: Donna Ginther | David Slusky



2018 Graduates

Oguzhan Batmaz | CV

Fields of Specialization:
International Economics, Macroeconomics, Economic Growth & Development, Institutional Economics

Job Market Paper: 
Transaction costs, convergence, and gains from trade: Evidence from Japan

References: Mohamed El-Hodiri | William Barnett | John Keating | Jianbo Zhang


Manuel A. Pulido-Velásquez
CV Personal website 

Fields of Specialization:
Environmental Economics, Labor Economics, Public Economics

Job Market Paper:
Transboundary pollution in a developing context

References: Dietrich Earnhart | Donna Ginther | David Slusky | Tsvetan Tsvetanov


  More candidates to come...check back soon.

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