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Masters Program

Admissions Criteria

1.     Undergraduate Grade Point Average (GPA)

                             a.     On a 4-point scale the applicant should have, for regular admission, a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher and a minimum of 3.5 in economics and mathematics courses.

·       A student who does not meet these GPA criteria may be admitted on a probationary status and will be advised to take specific courses during their first semester of enrollment.

·       If a B average (3.0 GPA) is achieved in these specific courses, the student will be granted regular status during the second semester of enrollment.

·       If a student fails to achieve a B average, he/she may be allowed to continue on probation contingent on the recommendation of the M.A. program committee.

·       Probationary students who fail to improve their overall GPA will be dismissed from the graduate program

·       For more information on recent applicants and admitted students please view the MA Program Profile.

2.     Background Knowledge in Economics and Mathematics – While an Economics baccalaureate degree is not required it is preferred.

a.      Minimum prerequisites in Mathematics courses are - two (2) semesters in Calculus  and one (1) semester in Calculus-based Statistics course.

·       These courses should be comparable to Math 125, Math 126 and Math 526 offered at the University of Kansas.

b.    Minimum prerequisites for Economics courses are – one (1) semester each of Microeconomics and Macroeconomics beyond introductory level courses.

·       These courses should be comparable to Econ 520 and Econ 522 offered at the University of Kansas.

3.     English Proficiency for International Students and Non-Native English Speaking Applicants.

a.      All international and non-native English speaking applicants must demonstrate proof of English proficiency before gaining admissions to any program at KU.

a. The following links will provide more detailed information regarding these requirements:
Graduate Studies English Proficiency
Applied English Center’s English Proficiency
Official Graduate Studies published policy

b.TOFEL code for KU = 6871

4.     Required Application Materials.

a.     Written Statement of Career Plans and current CV/Resume.

b.     Three (3) letters of recommendation sent on your behalf.

c.     Transcripts from all higher education institutions attended in the past.

a.  Official transcripts received from your institutions are not required for the application review process.  If an offer of admissions is extended then official transcripts received directly from the institutions will be required during your first semester at KU.