Saima Alam Samantha

Saima Alam Samantha
  • Graduate Research Assistant

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329 Snow Hall


I am Saima Alam Samantha, a Ph.D. candidate in economics at the University of Kansas. I am in the 2023-2024 job market.


My research focuses on applied microeconomics, specifically labor and gender economics. I am interested in how social norms, institutions, and policies affect women's and men's economic outcomes and decisions in different contexts.


Office Hours (Fall 2023)

by appointment

Teaching at KU:

As an Independent Instructor:

ECON 526: Introduction to Econometrics - Spring 2023 (asynchronous online)

ECON 426: Statistics and Data Analysis - Spring 2022, Summer 2021 (asynchronous online); Fall 2021 (in-person)

ECON 142: Principles of Microeconomics - Spring 2024, Spring 2021, Fall 2020 (in-person); Winter 2020 (asynchronous online)

As a Graduate Teaching Assistant:

ECON 526: Introduction to Econometrics under Dr. Shahnaz Parsaeian, Spring 2023, Fall 2022

ECON 142: Principles of Microeconomics under Dr. S├ębastien Mary, Spring 2020

ECON 144: Principles of Macroeconomics under Dr. Josephine Lugovskyy, Fall 2019

Selected Publications