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Masters Program

Accelerated Master’s Degree, KU-undergraduates only

4 + 1 = The Accelerated Master’s Degree path puts students on-track to complete an undergraduate degree and a master’s degree in five years.


All students interested in the program must submit an Inquiry Form.




Next deadline: August 20. Careful course selection and steady progression through the undergraduate career is necessary to ensure all requirements for both degrees may be completed within the 5-year timeframe. All prospective students should discuss their interest in admission to this program with their undergraduate advisors and the department’s graduate advisor (Kate Pleskac) preferably early in the student’s Junior year.

Application materials needed

  • Personal statement
  • Resume (Letters of recommendation are not required. Instead, please list 3 references on your resume.)
  • Transcript(s)

Admission’s checklist

  • KU student earning Economics BA, BS, or Economics minor (for Econ minor, ideal candidate would have a math-intensive major such as physics, engineering, etc.) 
  • on-track to complete all undergraduate degree requirements by the second semester of Senior year (Year 4)
  • Major and cumulative GPA of at least 3.25
  • Has submitted an online application for the Accelerated MA program prior to beginning coursework for final 2 semesters as an undergraduate. (For most students, this will be the second semester of Junior year. However, some students reach Senior status early and remain in this status for longer than 2 semesters. For these students, the key is to apply to the program before starting their final 2 undergraduate semesters.)

After review of the application for admission, the Economics Department will notify the student of their eligibility to begin coursework in the program.

Final acceptance to the graduate program will be contingent upon the following:

  • Successful completion of all requirements for the bachelor’s degree (and Economics minor, if applicable);
  • An undergraduate cumulative GPA of at least 3.25;
  • A GPA of at least 3.25 in graduate-level coursework taken in final 2 semesters as well as grades of B or above in all double-counted coursework. 


During the Senior Year (Year 4), the student must take the following Economics courses:

  • ECON 700 – Survey of Microeconomics (Fall semester)
  • ECON 701 – Survey of Macroeconomics (Spring semester)
  • ECON 715 – Elementary Econometrics (Spring semester). If course has been completed, talk with the Graduate Advisor (Kate Pleskac) regarding possible substitutions.
  • Elective (500 level or above) in Economics or a related area (e.g., Business, Computer Science, Political Science, Psychology, Public Policy, or Mathematics) – 3 credit hours. If taking a related-area course, the student must receive approval by the MA director prior to enrollment.

These four courses (12 credit hours) will count toward requirements for both the graduate and undergraduate degrees. During the final year of graduate study (Year 5), students must complete an additional 6 courses (18 credit hours). For full degree requirements, see KU's Academic Catalog.

Sample academic plans

Accelerated MA (for Economics BA)

Accelerated MA (for Economics BS)

Accelerated MA (for Economics minor)


Contact: Kate Pleskac (graduate advisor) or our undergraduate advisors