Awards and Scholarships

Awards and Scholarships for Economics Students

The department offers scholarships and awards to students majoring in Economics. The department offers scholarships in conjunction with the university's "Renewable Scholarship" Program. Student eligibility is determined by the university. Recipient selection is based on recommendations made by the department's undergraduate program committee. View past recipients (2011-current). 



  • A.J. Boynton Scholarship
  • Charles Oswald Scholarship
  • Carol Drever Pimental Scholarship
  • Leland J. Pritchard Scholarship
  • Corina Scoggins Scholarship
  • A.J. Boynton Award
  • Domenico Gagliardo Award
  • R.S. Howey Award
  • John Ise Award

Arthur J. Bonyton

A graduate of Harvard, Professor Boynton came to KU in 1903. He served as head of the Economics Department from 1915 to 1924. In addition, he also served on the Athletic Board, the Lawrence School Board, and took part in other civic and professional activities. Professor Boynton was an avid golf player and one of the original sixteen that formed the Oread Golf Club in 1908. He also built a nine-hole golf course between Mississippi Street and Potter Lake. He was a member of the Beloit College Glee Club and the Harvard Double Quartet. The Arthur J. Boynton Memorial Award was established by friends, former students, and associates at the time of his death (1928).


2023 Scholarship Recipients: Eleanor Badekar, Ethan Rosenthal, Camden Baxter, Gus Williams, Tanisha Maru, Gabriela Ruiz, Porter Richards, Luke Dundar, Joshua Conklin

2023 Award Recipients: Benjy Jacobs, Henry Haw, Alex Irwin, Thomas Guier, Ellen Snyder, Nicolas Pottorf, Michael Scott

2021 Scholarship Recipients: Sylvia Bryan, Alex Feyerherm, Brittany Huang, Hayley Koontz, Ye Joo Lee, Logan Stuart, John Waters, Ryan Wendling

2020 Scholarship Recipients: Caroline Blubaugh, Sylvia Bryan, John Byrne, Grant Daily, Alex Feyerherm, Mitchell Guyot, John Johnston, Hayley Koontz, Zachary Pascalar, Mary Rielley

2020 Award Recipients: Noah Colby-George, John Higgins, Margo Johnson, Shibo Li, Keely Marshall, Haley Pederson, David Moshe Robinow, Kyle Stutzman, Nicholas Taylor, Alden Vogel

Domenico Gagliardo

Born November 22, 1895, in Frontenac, Kansas, Professor Gagliardo was one of ten children. After completing the seventh grade he went to work with his father in coal mines in Pittsburg, Kansas. He entered high school at the age of twenty and completed the requirements for graduation in two years. After serving in the Navy during WWI he entered KU in 1920, and received an A.B. degree three years later. He was elected to Phi Beta Kappa and awarded the first Delta Sigma Pi scholarship key given in economics. He received a Master's degree from Harvard in 1924, becoming a member of the University of Kansas faculty in 1923, then a full professor in 1936. Professor Gagliardo also received a Ph.D. from Chicago in 1931. He received the Legion of Merit and the Army Commendation Ribbon for his service during WWII. This award is in memory of the impact he had on the students and faculty of the department and reflects our gratitude for his accomplishments.


2023 Recipient: Sadie Williams

2021 Recipient: John Higgins

2020 Recipient: Chelsea Stitt


Richard S. Howey

Professor Howey earned a B.S. from Harvard in 1926, an M.A. from Southern California in 1929, and a Ph.D. from Chicago in 1955. He was appointed initially as an instructor in economics in 1929 and taught subsequently for 44 years. He became professor emeritus in 1973 but he continued to serve the university and carry on his own research. He served the University in a variety of other ways as well, chiefly through his work to build the library's holdings in economics and related subjects. In 1930 he became the library representative for the Department of Economics and in the years that followed he amassed one of the two or three greatest collections of economics books in the world, with a portion of it now known as the Howey Collection. We give recognition and fondly remember, Professor Howey for his sartorial splendor, his unselfish effort and his enduring contribution to the university.


John Ise

Professor Ise came to KU from Downs in Mitchell County, Kansas. He was one of eleven children of whom nine took one or more degrees from Kansas Colleges. John himself had degrees from KU in Fine Arts (1908), Liberal Arts and Sciences (1910), and Law (1911), with advanced degrees from Harvard. Professor Ise taught at KU for 39 years with previous tenure at Harvard and Iowa State. His eight books, ranging in subject matter from a collection of humorous comments on current conditions to comprehensive test on economics, interspersed with the classic story of his pioneer family in Osborne County. His great generosity is reflected in several gifts to aid university students and to the city of Lawrence to build and support a humane animal shelter. He served as president of the American Economics Association, the Mid-West Economic Association and served on the editorial board of the American Economic Review. "The stimulating effect of his ever-questioning mind will continue through generations to come."

2023 Recipient: Irene Caracioni

2021 Recipient: Agustina Carvallo Vazquez

2020 Recipient: Ye Joo (Quinn) Lee

Charles Oswald

Charles Oswald received a B.S. in Economics from the University of Kansas in 1951, and earned a master's degree in business administration in 1953 from Harvard University. Currently the chairman of Rotherwood Investments LLC in Minnesota, he was the chairman and CEO of National Computer Systems (now NCS Pearson) from 1970 until 1994. The company is the largest commercial processor of student assessment tests and the largest provider of data tracking software for U.S. elementary and secondary schools. Oswald continued to work for NCS as a company director until 1998. A native of rural Hutchinson, Mr. Oswald is a trustee emeritus of KU Endowment and an emeritus member of the School of Business board of advisors. Mr. Oswald made a $10 million gift for economics and business in 2001 that put the University of Kansas Economics Program on a path to international recognition. He pledged an additional $10 million to the Kansas Endowment Association for the Department of Economics in 2005. In recognition of the gift, the undergraduate economics program at KU was named the Charles W. Oswald Program in Economics.


2021 Recipients: Minh Thanh Cao, Hojin Park, Misun Park, Sohee Park, Jimin Shin, Rui Wang, Haoyi Wei


2021 Recipient: William A. Barnett

2020 Recipient: John Keating

2019 Recipient: Shigeru Iwata

2018 Recipient: Tsvetan Tsvetanov

Carol Drever Pimental Study Abroad Scholarship

This award is open to all undergraduate and graduate students who plan on studying abroad. This award has been established in an effort to diversify the university’s economics program and assist students who also are participating in study abroad programs. The experiences gained during those programs are life changing and Ms. Drever Pimental’s hope is to facilitate more opportunities for students to travel and broaden their horizons. To apply, please email a paragraph detailing why you are a good candidate for the award, your CV/Resume, and a copy of your unofficial transcript to Professor Dietrich Earnhart at Please include the title of the award in the subject line of your submission email. Applications due on February 25.

Carol Drever Pimental’s (Class of 1962) remarkable journey started in rural northeast Kansas in Marshall County.  At an early age Ms. Drever Pimental was very interested in international affairs, sparked by her pen pal relationships with several friends from abroad.  During her junior year at KU Ms. Drever Pimental studied at the University of Copenhagen, as a part of the university’s study aboard program, and has revealed that this specific time during her college career helped shape her career.  Continuing her education after KU Ms. Drever Pimental earned her master’s degree in International Business and Finance from George Washington University. Her career has included a diverse list of companies and institutions included the US-Japan Trade Council, the US Treasury Department and the World Bank.

2023 Recipients: Kevin Nguyen (undergraduate)

2021 Recipients: Irene Caracioni (undergraduate), Jackson Martin (graduate)

2020 Recipients: Sofia Berrospi Fernandez (undergraduate), Van Nguyen (graduate)

Leland J. Pritchard

Dr. Pritchard earned his masters degree in Statistics and in 1932 began his PhD in Economics at the University of Chicago where he was elected Phi Beta Kappa. Before coming to the University of Kansas in 1942 he taught political economy courses at Syracuse University Maxwell School of Public Administration. He served with the Federal Emergency Relief Administration, The Works Projects Administration, and The War Labor Board. He also wrote a column entitled "Pritchard's Perspectives" for Dr. Chris Thomas and James Sinclair. Professor Pritchard served both as Dean of the School of Business and from 1955 to 1962 as the Chairman of the Economics Department. In 1962-1963, he was a Fulbright Lecturer in Ankara, Turkey.  He was President (1963-1964) of the Midwest Economics Association. His extensive research and publication record display a broad knowledge of both Finance and Economic Statistics. His Money and Banking Text (1958, 1964) was widely used and is perhaps the most literate of all recent American texts in economics.


2023 Recipients: Ealeanor Badeker

2020 Recipients: Jackson Mullen, Daniel Webb

Corina Scoggins Award

This award is open to female economics students who have accepted a summer internship, particularly an internship in the investment industry. Mrs. Scoggins wants undergraduate students in the Department of Economics to explore investment finance career options.  It is especially important to Mrs. Scoggins to let women know about the diverse career paths in investment finance since women make up just 15% of its professional ranks.  To apply, please email a paragraph detailing why you are a good candidate for the award, your CV/Resume, and a copy of your unofficial transcript to Professor Dietrich Earnhart at Please include the title of the award in the subject line of your submission email. Applications due on February 25.

Corina’s career, which progressed over a quarter century in investment research and management, started with her first position as a sales and research assistant at George K. Baum and Company and concluded with her job as Vice President in Equity Research at the Teacher  Retirement System of Texas when she retired in 2017. Corina, who received her KU undergraduate degree in economics and French in 1988, established The Corina Scoggins Award, along with her husband Willie, to support top women Economics students during their internships in the investment industry.

2023 Recipient: Savannah Bowden

2021 Recipient: Chessa McCalla

2020 Recipient: Michelle Mwangi


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