JongSoo Lee

JongSoo Lee
  • Graduate Teaching Assistant

Contact Info

236 Snow Hall


M.A. in Economics, University of Kansas
M.A. in Economics, Yonsei University
B.A. in Economics, Yonsei University


ECON 142

Office Hours

Monday/Wednesday/Friday: 2pm - 3pm

Selected Publications

Lee, JongSoo and Bit Na Choi, 2024, A Study on Regional Return to Education in South Korea: Comparison of Male and Female WagesEducation Economics: 1-19.

Lee, JongSoo and JiYoung Park, 2024, Investigating Implication of U.S. Megaregions to Korean Megaregion Development, The Studies in Regional Development, 56(1): 1-40.

Lee, JongSoo, 2023, "The Origin and Policy Implications of the U.S. Megaregion", MUREPA Critical Opinions. 

Park, JiYoung, and JongSoo Lee, 2022, "A Study on the Planning for U.S. Megaregion", Research Paper. KIET.

Lee, JongSoo, 2022, "U.S. Government Artificial Intelligence Policy and the Future", MUREPA Critical Opinions.

Lee, JongSoo, 2017, "A Study On Regional Wage Differential in Korea". Quarterly Journal of Labor Policy. 17(2): 143-171. KLI.