Greetings From the KU Department of Economics

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Greetings from the KU Department of Economics, and welcome to the Spring 2024 issue of the KU Economist. Whether you are a student, a potential student, a graduate, a donor, a collaborator, or just curious about the Department, we are glad you found us.  In addition to the news and notes featured here, please take a minute to follow us on X (formerly Twitter) to stay up to date on the latest news.

Recent months have been busy for faculty and staff in the Department. As highlighted in this issue, Donna Ginther, the Roy A. Roberts and Regents Distinguished Professor of Economics, presented her inaugural distinguished professor lecture in November on the topic of pay, promotion, and grants in the Academy. Professor Dietrich Earnhart has also been very busy with his research, teaching, and administrative duties (he is the Director of Undergraduate Studies), and he is highlighted in this issue’s faculty profile. Graduate students have also been busy developing their scholarly identities, exploring new research areas, supporting the instructional mission of KU, and getting job offers! They have even found the time to provide a forum to communicate with undergrads on the rewards and challenges and pursuing a Ph.D. in Economics.

This issue also features two of our distinguished alumni, as well as a spotlight on a current undergraduate student / soon-to-be alumna.  We are able to feature our alumni because they remain connected with the Department and KU. We encourage all of our alumni to take a minute and visit Alumni Update Form to share your updates with your colleagues.